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The way I learn, the way I work and the way I live and finally how I give away what I has earned.

This is Ashkan Mohammadi; Server Administrator & System Consultant.


Mixing more than 20 years of career experience and my own acquaintance, I've helped a lot of people overcome their IT based problems;

Each client should get his/her uniqe solution and there is no single approach that work for everyone; That's my opinion. I think that self-improvement and continuous learning are essential part of my personal life and work trajectory. Organized and systematic work on any field, make it better progressively and help our modern world grow faster with sustainable resolutions. Passing highschool education in one of the Nodet Schools(National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents) flattern my way to get Bachelor of Science in Sharif University of Technology.

After 45 years from the first breath, now I have a nuclear family consist of my wife and two children. I'm living a happy life and appreciate my wife supportive type. My wife and I are a good team to conduct a beautiful living and to prepare conditions and facilities for the kids to learn and grow in a secure and warm family atmosphere.

Work & Projects

As a System Engineer I love building solutions on the high end technologies and help companies and businesses grow faster. Network, OS (Linux and Windows), Virtualizations, Cloud Hosting, Clustering, Automation and ... are the subjects that form my day-to-day area of work. Deploying integrated and robust systems and infrastructures by applying coordinated software and tools is my forte. Define the project and leave the rest for Ashkan; That's how it works. One of my weaknesses, is inability to doing different works together because of appeal to concentration on the running task. I respect my team members and coleagues and do anything that could help improve overall performance of the team and organization.

Evolution is passing through complexity to reach simplicity.

This is my slogan and I have tried to implement it on every project I contributed to.



HeCSS is a minimal and agile CSS library with a sense of efficiency and simplicity. It's developed for using with Horuph Studio Frameword, but you can use it in any web project. Just like this website that developed purely with php and HeCSS. It's worth to try it.


This project remind me of strange 52hertz whale; The 52-hertz whale is an individual whale of unidentified species which calls at the very unusual frequency of 52 Hz. It's really an amazing project that turn your audio content to a live radio station in a few clicks.

Leisure | Intrests and Hobbies

Movie: Raya and the Last Dragon (2021)

by Don Hall, Carlos López Estrada

Raya and the Last Dragon features an outstanding voice cast, including Kelly Marie Tran as the voice of the intrepid warrior Raya; Awkwafina as the legendary dragon, Sisu; Gemma Chan as Raya’s nemesis, Namaari; Daniel Dae Kim as Raya’s visionary father, Benja; Sandra Oh as Namaari’s powerful mother, Virana; Benedict Wong as Tong, a formidable giant; Izaac Wang as Boun, a 10-year-old entrepreneur; Thalia Tran as the mischievous toddler Little Noi; Alan Tudyk as Tuk Tuk, Raya’s best friend and trusty steed; Lucille Soong as Dang Hu, the leader of the land of Talon; Patti Harrison as chief of the Tail land; and Ross Butler as chief of the Spine land.

Raya and the Last Dragon takes us on an exciting, epic journey to the fantasy world of Kumandra, where humans and dragons lived together long ago in harmony. But when an evil force threatened the land, the dragons sacrificed themselves to save humanity. Now, 500 years later, that same evil has returned and it’s up to a lone warrior, Raya, to track down the legendary last dragon to restore the fractured land and its divided people. However, along her journey, she’ll learn that it’ll take more than a dragon to save the world—it’s going to take trust and teamwork as well.

Work Experience

I've gone so far to achieve today's level of expertise, but I think, it's nothing and there is so much more to acquire. Surely exploring the technology world and learning something new is not going to be stopped.

Maybe you should check my work exprience briefly in the following lines:

System Engineer
Company Name: Parsianhost Full-time
Dates Employed: Nov 2016 – Present
Employment Duration: 7 yrs 8 mos
Location: Tehran, Iran

Server & Network Administrator (Linux/Windows)
Company Name: Parsianhost Full-time
Dates Employed: Jul 2011 – Nov 2016
Employment Duration: 5 yrs 4 mos
Location: Tehran, Iran

Senior System Consultant
Company Name: Ganjafzar Part-time
Dates Employed: Oct 2011 – Oct 2013
Employment Duration: 2 yrs 1 mo
Location: Tehran, Iran

System Network Administrator
Company Name: Ecomiran Full-time
Dates Employed: Mar 2010 – Jun 2011
Employment Duration: 1 yr 4 mos
Location: Tehran, Iran
More Details
Working for three month as Level 1 Technical Support and becoming familiar with the type of customers,their needs and problems. Then I shifted my career to Back-end Technical Support in accordance with the company’s needs.
I spent part of my time on maintaining and troubleshooting problems of Windows Server 2003 Hosting Services and the rest on preparing the new environment based on Windows Server 2008 and Helm Hosting Control Panel. Integrating dedicated SQL Servers & Mdaemon Mail Servers with Helm was the other project we had in Ecomiran.
Planning new product packages based on Centos and CPanel was my first serious implementation based on linux. Dealing with false/positive behaviour of CPanel and undergoing components managed by the control panel like DNS, Apache, PHP Compiler, Exim Mail Server and etc., in addition WordPress websites vulnerabilities and preparing security recommendations on how to develop your website on wordpress made us reborn of the new technology, I hadn’t solemnly worked with before.
Consulting company managers on developing hosting services lead me to organizing new access policies for the team (e.g. limit each team member to it’s needed permissions unlike previous programmers full access on development servers) and improvement of documentation guidelines and security.

Windows Server Administrator
Company Name: Parsianhost Full-time
Dates Employed: Mar 2005 – Mar 2010
Employment Duration: 5 yrs 1 mo
Location: Tehran, Iran
More Details
Starting my job in Parsianhost showed me new lines of experience in the information technology field.Working as Technical Help Desk Support on phone and by email to the Web Hosting customers according to many interactions with users was so informative and amazing. After I got a deep understanding of users problems and issues, my position switched to a Senior Technical Administrator. Installing web hosting servers and preparing them for production environment ( involving OS, DNS, Web Server, Database Server and MTA then Installing Hosting Control Panel on them) was the beginning of our challenges for serving users to maintain their business on our platforms, we dealt with iMail Server troubleshooting, Production Windows Server 2000 upgrade to 2003 version and SQL Server 7 upgrade to 2000 version and concerning about security issues we had in our Web Servers and Hosting Controller patches and updates and migrate customer website to Helm Panel Windows Hosting Servers.

Windows Server Administrator
Company Name: Metra Consulting engineers Full-time
Dates Employed: Mar 2004 – Mar 2005
Employment Duration: 1 yr 1 mo
Location: Tehran, Iran
More Details
I have been working in Metra Consulting Engineers (Subdivision Of Ministry of Roads and Urban Development) responsible for setup, config and administration of website dedicated servers ( belonging to Civil Aviation Organization) with more than 3000GB monthly traffic. I setup and config MS-SQL replication for FIDs (Flight Information Display System) as one of my projects. Windows servers hardening, backup management, possible disaster recovery and Oncall support for maintaining and troubleshooting unexpected problems, were another side of my job in Metra. As we had a lot of project contractors then my presence always was needed in the meetings for coordinating the technical aspects of projects progress.

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